Hi, my readers! Welcome to my new blog: IMITATE.

There are a few reasons I can tell to build the other blog even though I already have my original blog.

The performance of that blog is quite poor since MaterialFlow is a 5 years old project, many techniques are just out-of-date. My fork appends hightlight.js and other kinds of stuff, which might(already) leads to an extremely bad experience and a relatively long loading time, the code color scheme and math expressions load quite slow, for example.

As I’m studying Computer Graphics, I came up with this idea, building a more relaxed blog for a lower blogging threshold. Thus I can write more, record more to fill my leisure time. BTW, fewer people will watch this blog, so I can practice my poor English here, avoid the suspicion to show off, or 装逼.

It’s hard to say that I’m not inspired by this blog, I admired his passion to record and share. Watching such a brilliant researcher to progress is interesting :)

Since I’m going to take the CG course at school in my sophomore year, there’s a lot to record. As I’ve done in my OI time. Writing can clarify my messy thoughts and calm down my impetuous mind. My way of thinking is quite intuitive and abstract, hope some of my notes can help you.

I will not use English for all other blogs that follow considering the convenience.

I’m poor in knowledge currently, hope you can witness my progress since then.

Best wishes, kr2.